The Love Ways: “Who Ever Goes Home”

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This song may or may not have just started blasting from my cubicle. – Dearest employer, I did not mean to disrupt the serene office atmosphere! Don’t fire me. – But you know what? I don’t feel all that bad that I just did that because the world needs to hear this. “Who Ever Goes Home” is such a refreshing song and it completely fits with the upcoming Spring weather. It’s vibrant, melodious, catchy, basically everything that is perfect with the world. It’s got a “Barely Legal” off the Stroke’s Is This It album type of vibe which is always a good thing. If you enjoy anything good in the world, like Nutella and Oreos, then you’re going to love this track. Download it for free off the Love Way’s website, link below.

The Love Ways will be playing at NYC’s Bowery Electric this Saturday! Make sure to check them out. You might even spot me.

Upcoming Shows:
03/16/13, 830PM – New York, NY @ Bowery Electric w/ Automatic Toys, Ecstatics, Park Space


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