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It's been over a year since my infatuation with succulent plants started and while my obsession has lessened in severity, my love for the cute little plants has sustained. In the chaos of life, nothing is more peaceful to me than when I take a moment and spend time with each of my many plants. Each one is tended to, inspected for signs of illness, pruned, watered occasionally, and talked to. Some of my plants have names and some have terra cotta planters that I've meticulously painted and labeled with their species. Obviously my plants aren't talking back but I take their signs of new growth as a means of communicating back to me that they are happy and healthy. The older leaves on a succulent plant will often shrivel but that's just the plant's way of taking the energy out of the old and putting it towards something new. And when I see that my plants are sprouting off-shoots or are just doing well, I'm so happy. My haworthia's have been especially prone to off-shoots recently and it's amazing to see their progress.

The succulent leaves I've propagated are also doing so well. I water them when I remember, which should be every two weeks (so every time I change my contact lenses). Some of the species I've been propagating have grown so much in the past few months that I cannot believe their progress. I reckon some will be huge by the end of the growing season and I'm only slightly miffed that I've lost track of what plant is what species. I've just amassed so many different ones that it's been difficult to keep track, especially when propagated leaves are so small and hard to distinguish.

Despite how much time I may spend away from my plants, I can always come back to them. They are all in my bedroom after all! Taking care of them requires minimal work but it's a process that takes me away from life just for a little bit. I'm in my own world when I'm with my succulents and in that world, everything is beautiful and everything is capable of creating new life. They're resilient little guys who are always happy when I come back but are strong when I'm away. They help me to remember to be just as strong in the way I act and carry myself. It's been an emotionally confusing time for me in these past couple of months but I'm still going. I'm still here. The journey continues.

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