Never Shout Never @ Warped Tour, NY 07/13/2013

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I think this was my second time seeing Never Shout Never perform live and they were so great onstage. As their set began, of course I was viewing mostly through my camera’s viewfinder since I was taking photos so I had no idea what was happening when the paper streamers came out of nowhere. It wasn’t until I walked across the pit and a security guard started picking streamers off of me that I knew! Ha! Even though I was busy taking photos and couldn’t really watch the beginning of the show, it was one of those performances that I spent smiling at from behind my camera, because despite how much I’m focusing on getting the best photos, I can’t keep from being affected by the performance.

I really respect Christofer Drew and what he’s doing. I love his attitude towards his music and how he’s totally apathetic to the bullshit side of the music industry. Making music he likes is all that matters and that’s something I wish other musicians and artists would do. Check out photos of Never Shout Never’s performance at Warped Tour in Uniondale, Long Island below!

Never Shout Never is Christofer Drew, Taylor MacFee, Hayden Kaiser.


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