New Beat Fund @ Warped Tour, NJ 07/07/2013

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The blistering sun began to simmer down as Los Angeles’ New Beat Fund were set to play on Sunday, July 7th at the Holmdel stop of the Vans Warped Tour. It was the afternoon when New Beat Fund began to play and many of the day’s attendees had sought refuge from the sun inside the PNC Bank Arts amphitheater. Despite this, New Beat Fund’s crowd steadily grew as passerby’s headed toward shade instead took a pit stop to hear the g-punk band. With their respective instruments in tow, the band stood in formation around Michael Johnson’s drum kit before their set—this would be the most still New Beat Fund were throughout their entire performance.

As they began playing, their lively California vibes radiated off the band and with the synchronized dance moves going on, it was only natural these sweet dance moves would soon be reflected in the crowd. Throughout their set New Beat Fund were solid performers, effortlessly blending comedic relief with their West Coast inspired sound all while continuing to give hard-hitting vocals and undeniable melodies. There’s a darker beat that carries through New Beat Fund’s sound that’s easily masked with the band’s carefree, breezy demeanor but it’s something that’s not to be overlooked. Their lyrical themes offer more than just an upbeat exterior, oftentimes juxtaposing buoyant melodies with questionable lyrics that make the listener think twice.

But if you’re not one to go all Sherlock Holmes on song lyrics, New Beat Fund still provide the perfect setting for a good time. If their songs don’t get you smiling, their synchronized head bobbing surely will. Catch New Beat Fund on the rest of the Vans Warped Tour and grab one of their free CDs & stickers from their merch tent! Brilliant marketing that is.

New Beat Fund is Jeff Laliberte, Shelby Archer, Michael Johnson, Paul Laliberte.


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