New Politics @ Bowery Ballroom 01/30/2014

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After a round of opening for some of current music’s biggest artists like Fall Out Boy, P!nk, Thirty Seconds To Mars, (and countless others) it has finally become time for New Politics to headline their own tour. In the midst of their ridiculously loud, sensory overloaded performance at Bowery Ballroom David Boyd took a second to reminisce about meeting a New Yorker who would end up changing Boyd & Hansen’s lives. That same New Yorker would end up to be drummer Louis Vecchio, who was in high spirits โ€” much like the rest of New Politics โ€” with his family amongst the crowd to experience the euphoria emanating throughout Bowery Ballroom.

The venue floor was packed and fans had been waiting outside the venue since 3pm for a chance to fight for front row access. Where you were standing would be where you’d stay for the remainder of the performance. There was nowhere to move but up and down while jumping along to the thrilling show that New Politics are capable of putting on. Opening strong with “Give Me Hope,” there was not a single word the adoring audience did not know. From the moment New Politics took to the stage, Bowery Ballroom felt like an eternal earthquake with the amount of jumping going on.

“Vi elsker jer. It means ‘We love you guys.'” – David Boyd

It would be silly to point out set highlights as each song New Politics performed during their set had as much energy as the last. Every song chosen on NP’s set was a strategic move, as each accomplished its goal of never losing the crowd’s attention. From the poignant performance of “Stuck On You” with Soren Hansen on piano to the soul ripping mash up of “Die Together” & JT’s “My Love,” it felt as if New Politics were constantly trying to top themselves. From David Boyd’s circle pit break dancing to recording videos of themselves on audience phones, there was always a moment to cause you to smile when you watch these three onstage.

“They make you feel like life is infinite.” New Politics are entertainers. They’ve got it down to a T and there’s no getting past that fact. What they accomplish in the studio is perfectly translated on the stage, and it’s translated into something that will keep you entertained and constantly surprised for (unfortunately) two short hours. A New Politics performance is just stunning, but what’s more extraordinary is how truly genuine the members of New Politics seem to be. They’ve grown to amass so many fans over their short lifespan but better yet, fans that will cause genuine smiles on the faces of New Politics themselves. Seeing New Politics perform is an intimate affair as they make you feel like life is infinite. Do yourself a favor and go see this band perform live.

New Politics is David Boyd, Soren Hansen, Louis Vecchio.


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