November Baking

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To be quite honest, I don't remember much of what happened to me in November. See, this is why I started writing To Do Lists and recapping my daily activities in journals again. The days end up blurring together and my memory goes to shit. I remember being tired in November and writing at least two papers that exhausted me. With the way my class schedule is set up, Thanksgiving break ended up lasting for six days and boy, did I need it. We had a death in the family and life became a bit more difficult to handle as a result. Between sadness and quiet moments, there was yelling, temper tantrums, and send offs at the airport. Now I'm just trying to keep it together as finals approach.

I didn't do much baking during November (with all the chaos and whatnot) but what I did make, I was really proud of. I made beef empanadas for the first time and they didn't entirely suck! Thanks to some lovely Black Friday sales, I now have a fryer so the next round of empanadas will have that golden, flaky crust. I just have to make sure to have the proper spices, chorizo, and tomato paste next time.

I also made some really simple almond butter cups using a cupcake pan, cupcake liners from Michaels, Nestle chocolate chips melted in the microwave, Kirkland almond butter, and Market Pantry strawberry jam. They came out so delicious and rich that I could only ever handle a few bites of the stuff in a day. Being allergic to peanuts, it has been so long that I've tasted the combination of chocolate and peanut butter that these almond butter cups had me in a state of euphoria. It felt like a blast from the past and also a strain on my waistline. 

Lastly, I attempted to make chocolate and pumpkin swirl bread but the swirl aspect turned out to be trickier than expected. My grandpa watched me as I baked and helped me as I struggled to pour batter into various baking pans. I used some adorable mini ramekins that I got from Michaels for .20 cents, which were on sale for 80% off after Halloween ended. (Such a score! You know I stocked up.) Even though the swirl was hit or miss, the bread came out so moist and delicious. It may be December but my love for pumpkin remains unswayed. 

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