Irving Plaza: NYC Venues Broken Down

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As a part of our Concert Photography series, we’ve previously listed all the New York City concert venues categorizing them based on whether or not those venues had photo pits. Now for this next installment, we’ll be breaking down specific venues and including our personal experiences.

Security checks will be outside the venue which is blocks away from the Union Square 456/ACE line. If you tell them you have a photo pass, they will make sure you actually have one after you pick it up from the box office. You’ll walk upstairs to the stage area and depending on whether or not the show is packed, getting to the photo pit can be difficult. I always walk to the photo pit from the left side because it’s next to the entrance—but that means I’ll need to pester a lot of concert goers into letting me pass. The photo pit at Irving is a nice size and allows for walking room. You’ll generally have no problems at this venue if you have credentials!

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