The Studio At Webster Hall: NYC Venues Broken Down

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As a part of our Concert Photography series, we’ve previously listed all the New York City concert venues categorizing them based on whether or not those venues had photo pits. Now for this next installment, we’ll be breaking down specific venues and including our personal experiences.

Shooting a show at the Studio at Webster Hall makes me feel like a total creep because the stage is probably two feet tall, and being front row feels like being on top of the band. It tends to be the die hard fans who end up getting front row at a Studio show so you’ll likely be the only one with a camera there. And because of that, your shutter can sometimes be very loud and annoying to those so close packed around you. (Though this depends on the volume of the music being played.)

Maybe it’s just because I get overly anxious about not getting front row when I’m covering a show, so I tend to get there before doors. Because of this, I’ve spent many a hours sitting on the floor in front of the stage at The Studio by myself claiming my spot. No fucks given! At a show without a photo pit, if you want great photos, you’re going to have to put in some effort. And that may involve getting to the venue very early to claim your spot!

Because the stage is so low, being front row can get you really great shots as the artist is extremely close to your face. Lighting at the Studio isn’t exactly ideal but if you’re in the front, your photos should be fine. The farther back you are, at the Studio, the worse your photos might turn out.

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