Webster Hall: NYC Venues Broken Down

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As a part of our Concert Photography series, we’ve previously listed all the New York City concert venues categorizing them based on whether or not those venues had photo pits. Now for this next installment, we’ll be breaking down specific venues and including our personal experiences.

I don’t mean to be so blunt but the photo pit at Webster Hall is really only convenient if you’re the size of a toothpick. And God speed if there happens to be a lot of photographers in a pit at Webster Hall because trying to get around other people in that damn pit is an awful experience.

When you arrive at Webster, you’ll go through security outside the venue. Go up the stairs to where the people holding your photo pass will be sitting at a table off to the right of the venue entrance. Because there’s no security manning the pit, you’ll be able to enter the photo pit on either side of the stage. However because there’s no security guards, if the show’s packed it might be a little hard to get to the entrance of the pit because the fans may be less willing to let you pass.

I don’t recommend the lighting at Webster Hall by any means but I’ve been lucky enough to get some alright lighting situations there. Generally though, I try to avoid the photo pit at Webster unless absolutely necessary. Save yourself the migraines, stay away from the “pit” at Webster.

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