October Baking

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As I write this blog post in the last few hours of October, after a day of attending classes in zombie makeup, I am overcome with both exhaustion and amazement at what I've done over the past month. October was a difficult month to deal with but I made it! This month had it all: midterms, papers, taking the GRE, feeling inundated with homework, making time for friends, hectic work projects, family obligations, sickness, relationship shenanigans, andddd baking. However, it's important to distinguish that I'm not complaining. What I love about being in school is that it gives me structure and a schedule to stick to. But with school and assignments also comes overwhelming feelings of stress, sleep deprivation, and feeling as though I'm constantly drowning in work. It's a lot and it's not as though I'm new to this workload but it's always difficult to get through, especially in the moment. Despite all of the frustration and near mental breakdowns, I'm so proud of the work I've done over the past few weeks.

Now that November is approaching and midterms are over, school will be a bit less stressful. The workload will continue to be the same but the added pressure of exams is gone. Thank Yeezus. Last week, I was feeling particularly burnt out after taking exams and writing papers that I decided I needed a well-deserved break to bake. I disconnected from the interwebs for a little bit, stopped trying to keep up with my readings for once, and simply baked whatever the hell I was craving. It was a tad ridiculous how many things I made in one night but it felt so wonderful to finish one batch after another. When I was done, the house smelled like cinnamon, frosting covered my face, and I had sweets galore.

It was such a good feeling baking all of these treats and now I'm so excited to make more. It's as though I'm rediscovering my passion for baking and food photography again and it's so important for me to have this as a creative outlet for when I'm stressed AF. Both the treats and photos came out great so I'm happy. I hope y'all enjoy these photos of mini donuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, chocolate covered pretzels I made with the doodies, pumpkin shaped rice krispy treats, orange cookies and cream cookies, and chocolate chip banana muffins topped with walnuts.

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