ODESZA @ Santos Party House 05/13/14

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“You take a sound, any sound, record it and then change its nature by a multiplicity of operations… By these means and many others you can create sounds which no one has ever heard before.” — These words are heard during the opening of Seattle production duo Odesza’s debut album, Summer’s Gone. And with such a mission statement, narrated by the most soothing of British accents, Odesza may very well have followed through in creating music that is truly original, with Tuesday’s rambunctious audience reception as proof.

Though the duo have been making music together since 2012, this past Tuesday was their inaugural performance in Manhattan. With fans queuing up over an hour before doors outside Santos Party House, it was obvious that New York was overdue for an Odesza show. Opening the show was D.C.’s own Nightmoves who drowned the already packed audience in a whirlpool of cosmic lights and ambient tracks. While he played a solid set, it wasn’t until Odesza took to the stage that things really picked up.

The atmosphere in the packed, intimate venue was noticeably different when the Seattle duo stepped onstage. The energy was almost palpable, with everyone’s demeanor switching from relaxed to an awakened enthusiasm. It was amazing really, to see the excitement in the two bros to my left whom I thought were statues for the entirety of Nitemoves’ set. When BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid came onstage, it was like these two concert goers were pulled out of Medusa’s stone-inducing gaze.

Odesza played in front of a projection of grandiose graphics which were as mesmerizing as the lush tracks the duo were playing. While their set was a mixture of new and old material, audience reaction to the new material felt as warm as when fan favorites like “How Did I Get Here” and “Keep Her Close” were played. Soundscapes of looped vocal samples and dreamy melodies transformed Santos Party House into a warm, dance crazed escape from the strangely brisk May weather outside. An undecipherable mumble of words would be heard through a microphone sporadically throughout the set from both BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid, but any confusion from the garbled speech was quickly forgotten with the sweeping synths emanating from the speakers. Odesza’s encore was played amongst a projection of city lights that elicited cheers from the crowd, appreciating the hometown homage but more so the chance of hearing Odesza’s beloved tracks live for the first time.

ODESZA is Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) & Harrison Mills (Catacombkid).


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