OK Go @ Terminal 5 04/11/2015

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Simply reminiscing of my time at OK Go’s Terminal 5 show puts me into a state of pure disbelief. The showmanship of this band is kind of amazing and it’s something you just have to experience in person. This wasn’t just a band playing their music onstage. This was a band who played their music but also knew how to entertain a crowd. Possibly even better than that, OK Go are punctual and I mean that in the best way. They had an 8:30 set time and gosh darn it, they started the show when they said they would. In my book, that is enough to beat out every concert I’ve ever been to.

I have to admit that I was hella confused when projections started to play on a giant white sheet onstage but even more so when OK Go started playing their music from behind the sheet. And while I don’t have any photos of this magical sheet with trippy patterns projected onto it, trust me, it was there. It was strange but in the best way possible. But as far as OK Go are concerned, is anything they do ever ordinary? Of course not. This is a band that personifies innovation and creativity. They once played their music for NPR in a moving vehicle for God’s sake! From the projections, to the ridiculous amounts of confetti used, to Damian Kulash taking questions from the audience about his shoe size, the entire concert was just great. Man, if only I had brought a zoom lens for when Kulash stood in the audience for some acoustic songs. Ugh, regrets.


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