Olivver the Kid: “Attica ’71”

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“The truth I know” is that finals week will be the death of me but at least I’ve got Olivver’s “Attica ’71” to help me pull through. Where have I been? Why did I disappear for months on end? Well you can thank organic chemistry for that because it’s been kicking me in the ass. In the past few months I did however manage to write papers about: the safety of vaccinations, stem cells, domestic violence in mainstream music, and the literacy of music criticism. So that was pretty cool! If I’m gonna be a sad student buried in the struggle that is academia, I’m going to at least write about what I gosh darn want.

Basically what I’ve lacked in HT updates has been made up with in research papers about the strangest array of topics. Well that has all been said and done, and we’ve still got an entire summer of new music ahead of us! Let us embrace the new season with this new track from Olivver. It’s a solid serene track, perfect to calm anyone down from the stresses of finals week.

Best of luck to everyone with finals!


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