Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, G-Eazy @ Pandora Holiday 2015

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Pandora Holiday 2015 found itself at Pier 36 this year on a rather warm December night. Troves of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco fans came early to get as close to the stage as possible. Other concert goers could be seen through the spacious venue either sitting around the all white everything lounges or playing Guitar Hero. Cash Cash was around to DJ between sets and set the perfect background music to everyone’s Snapchats and Instagrams. G-Eazy opened the show and to everyone’s delight, brought out Bebe Rexha for a surprise performance of “Me, Myself & I.”

By the time that Panic! At The Disco came on stage, the crowd was frantic with anticipation. Brendon Urie donned a golden glittery jacket that made things feel more festive, despite the warm weather outside. (And people say climate change isn’t a thing, *sighs*) Crowd favorites like “New Perspective,” “Nine In The Afternoon,” and “Ready To Go” had everyone jumping. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a pleasant surprise in the middle of Panic’s set that found Urie on the keys with the entire venue singing along. “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” closed out Panic’s set and for me, it brought on the middle school feels and from what I saw in the audience, they all felt the feels too. Panic’s performance ended with Urie doing a rather spectacular backflip off the drum kit.

Screams encapsulated the venue when Fall Out Boy came out on stage to close out Pandora Holiday show and the cheers were deafening. Their performance was frenetic and matched the fast pace of the light show that accompanied their set. As the band played “Immortals,” the screen behind the band played scenes from Big Hero 6, the hit animated film that featured Fall Out Boy’s song. This year’s choice of performers for Pandora Holiday definitely made for an energetic and captivating show.

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