Parachute @ Best Buy Theater 01/29/2014

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“I love you too… if you’re over 18.” – Will Incense lit, lights lowered, and Parachute take the stage at Time Square’s Best Buy Theater to a choir of screams. From that moment on, there wasn’t a single dull moment in their set, as each passing moment was as high energy as the last, especially when it’s this particular band performing. Though Parachute were opening for Walk Off The Earth, it felt as if this was their own headlining show. “Bro, thank you for the high-five, I meant to get you the first song,” said Will Anderson after a satisfying high-five. Lead vocalist Will Anderson surely knows how to entertain a crowd, as he was often on top of pianos and climbing over barricades to high-five fans.

Parachute opened their set with “Can’t Help” and “Meant To Be” from their 2013 release, Overnight, causing an eruption of cheers from the audience and dance circles to be formed throughout the venue. After each song, fans could be heard screaming accolades at the band. — “You did great Will!” “You killed it!” — And they were right. It was as if Parachute knew “Can’t Help” was going to be an indication of the next 45 minutes because the audience just couldn’t help from dancing along with the band. Losing Sleep’s “Ghost” followed suit but not before a cheeky preface from Anderson noting that the song was “about stalking someone, but not in a creepy way.” Thank you for the clarification.

“I go to other cities and tell them to sing it back and they sit there impassively.”

“Every album has a baby making song. This is from our first record,” introduced “She Is Love” to much delight from the audience. The acoustic break in the set was a nice change of pace, and a chance for the dance crazed audience to catch their breaths. But that break didn’t last song as a Bruce Springsteen cover was imminent. Parachute covered the Boss’ infamous “Dancing In The Dark” with paramount enthusiasm. Kit French showed off his skills on the sax as Anderson brought fans onstage to dance along. And for those left on the venue floor, they were happily singing along “like a choir of angels” according to Anderson. Energies high, Parachute closed out their set with fan favorite “Something To Believe In” and a pleased “Good singing New York.”

Parachute is Will Anderson, Kit French, Alex Hargrave, Nate McFarland, Johnny Stubblefield.


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