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It was the very last night of Parachute’s Wide Awake tour and Will Anderson took a moment between songs to relay to the audience that the past three weeks on tour did not come without its difficulties. Specifically, it has been “a bit of a hell ride” on their tour bus. Their tour was riddled with catastrophes like burnt Bagel Bites causing momentary hysteria on Anderson’s part, the band’s trailer having broken, toilet leaks, and most tragically, a pulled groin from running that led to a hindrance on Anderson’s mobility. With all these events taken into consideration, “it’s truly a miracle” that Parachute made it to the end of their tour. And while the audience last night were sympathetic of the band’s tour plights, they were also ecstatic to have Parachute close out their tour on Long Island.

The show opened energetically with “Didn’t See It Coming” and “Meant To Be,” off the band’s Overnight album. The crowd was quick to sing along and groups of friends could be seen spread throughout the venue dancing exuberantly to the songs. It also seemed like no one could help themselves from belting “I wanna love you more” along with Anderson during “White Dress.” There was a palpable fervor in the venue last night and with each song that played, it sparked a new and heartfelt excitement that was visible from each audience member’s reactions. The excitement in the audience reached new levels when Kit French would begin to play the saxophone. During “Something To Believe In,” French’s sax skills caused utter chaos as screams and cheers rallied together for some ear-deafening support.

“Some mornings, Johnny and I would open up the curtains at almost the same time and we’d lock eyes, have a moment where we’re not saying a word, staring longingly, in silence.” – Will Anderson

While these songs off of the band’s past albums were surely crowd-pleasers, tracks from Parachute’s 2016 release, Wide Awake, were greeted with a warm welcome as well. “Jennie” provided a calmer respite from the other high energy songs of the night but that didn’t mean it lost anyone’s attention. Despite only having been released this past March, many fans in the audience had its lyrics memorized and were singing along. This led into an acoustic performance of “Forever And Always” that had the two women in front of me losing their fucking shit—in a good way! Anderson on vocals, French on harmonica, and drummer Johnny Stubblefield took to centerstage for a beautiful acoustic rendition of the song. My heart has never hurt so good after witnessing such sheer magnificence.

So many of Parachute’s fans in the audience last night had moments where each one lost their shit when their favorite songs were being played and I personally lost my own when “Lonely With Me” off of Wide Awake began to play. It’s such a feel good song and honestly, it might be my new pick up line in which I tell cuties if they’re going to be lonely, they might as well be lonely with me. (I think it would work!) Whether it was older songs like “She (For Liz)” or new material off the band’s latest album, the audience last night was receptive to each song on the setlist. From the onset of Parachute’s performance, it was undoubtably going to be a night of rejoice.


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