PartyClub: “Tick Tock”

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How many of you will believe me when I say that I meant to post this song last August? Not many? Well I don’t blame you. This is the title track off of PartyClub’s debut Tick Tock EP and while I do remember loving it when I initially got the email about it, I now remember also undergoing surgery causing my ability to sit up to be very painful. (Obviously I repressed all those memories.) As a result, “Tick Tock” sadly slipped away into the chaos that is my inbox as I opted for sleeping rather than checking my emails.

And how I wish I had had a better handle on my inbox last August because “Tick Tock” is a stunning track. But really, with “Made To Measure” as our introduction to the London based duo, how could anything they produce be anything less than stunning? Thomas Banks and Alex Belvoir know how to write an addictive chorus, it’s in their blood, at this point that’s the only reasoning. But to combine that with their ridiculous synths and basslines? Well that ladies and gentlemen is what we call magic. Sorcery I say!

PartyClub is Thomas Banks and Alex Belvoir.


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