Pebaluna: “Sister Sara”

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If you’re into songs that make you feel like you’re about to be killed while in the vicinity of a church or actually in a church, “Sister Sara” is the song for you. Vocalist Lauren Coleman’s sultry voice gives the song an eerily familiar feeling. You know, the eerily familiar feeling in a horror movie when a character is about to be hacked off. Creepy feelings aside, this ballad is a wonderful blend of country, folk, indie rock, and blues all in one track. Coleman’s vocals are beautiful and enticing. The instrumentation is tight and only adds to the eery feeling on the song.

Why do I keep listening to songs that make me feel like I’m in a horror movie?

Carny Life comes out on September 18th. Pre-orders available at:

Pebaluna is Lauren Coleman (vocals), Matt Embree (guitar, vocals), Jessica Lankford (drums), Jonathan Grillo (bass).

Tour Dates:
08/24/12 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe
08/25/12 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Velvet Jones
08/26/12 – San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah


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