Pomegranates: “Dream”

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Photo by Drew Jacoby

This is awkward. I’ve been pronouncing this band’s name in an Antonio Banderas accent because I didn’t know that was how the plural version of the odd looking fruit was spelled. I thought it was a Spanish word so I’ve been taking on the persona of Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots whenever saying “Pomegranates.” Despite the verbal mishap, this Cincinnati based band take their self described “space rock” literally. What I imagine space rock to be is airy, dreamy, vocally driven, calming yet having levels of depth, rock music. If my description is right, then “Dream” by Pomegranates is exactly what space rock is. Isaac Karns singing entirely in falsetto takes me breath away. The ability to do this is hard for so many musicians and yet he seems to do this with so much ease. The clarity is consistent throughout the song with the vocals and the instrumentation. There’s this grandeur about “Dream,” like it should only be played for royals. We’re all lucky that it isn’t though, because every music lover will appreciate and fall in love with this song. It transcends you into a world of a fresh take on a familiar sound with subtle nuances and great lyricism. Pomegranates are something to look out for.

Pomegranates is Jacob Merritt, Isaac Karns, Joey Cook and Curt Kiser.


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