Potato Potato: “Devil By Her Side” Live Video

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“With the devil by her side, misery filled up her lungs.” Other than having a pretty sweet (and savory) band name, Potato Potato have got some serious musical chops. In this live rendition of “Devil By Her Side” from a radio performance, they effortlessly show off their beautiful four part harmonies. Potato Potato’s harmonies are so carefully calculated but better yet, these harmonies add to the song’s higher purpose to a point that’s very reminiscent of Local Natives circa the Gorilla Manor album and I’m saying that with the utmost respect. Vocalist (well one of them anyways) Merryn Boller’s soothing vocals will simply whisk away listeners only to be drawn back to reality with her cowbell. Watch these scintillating taters above!

Potato Potato is Merryn Boller, Noah Hill, Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain.


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