Potato Potato: “Everything Is Coming Back”

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I’m either really sleep deprived or going deaf because once the vocals kicked in on Potato Potato’s “Everything Is Coming Back,” I thought the track was going to be a folk take on The Strokes’ “Is This It”. Which I don’t think is a total stretch because the softness and pacing of the vocals bring about similarities to Casablancas. And if you listen further (which of course you will), the signature Potato Potato harmonies are soon found and I’ll say that they could give Local Natives a run for their money. This Byron Bay band illicit waves of imagery with their clever lyrics but more so with their stellar musicianship that shows age is merely a number; and while Potato Potato may be young, they’ve got the talent to make veterans quiver.

Potato Potato is Merryn Boller, Noah Hill, Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain.


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