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Nom, nom, nom, nom. Procrastibaking is my favorite activity because why do what I should be doing when I could be doing literally anything else! I don't exactly remember what I should've been doing when I was baking funfetti cookies and snickerdoodles but I do know it was worth avoiding! I followed this recipe for the funfetti cookies from Sally's Baking Addiction and they are so delightful. They pretty much tasted like the cookies and cream cookies I make regularly but they look 100 times cuter. My brother gave me a 6-pound supply of rainbow sprinkles a few months ago and I am only now getting to use it! (If you know any good recipes using sprinkles, let a sister know!)

I also made Snickerdoodles using this recipe from my December cookie swap, sans the caramel sauce because I'm lazy, haha. All this baking was done while snacking on cherries fresh from Chinatown, which are pictured below in all their beautiful, juicy glory. After all the baking was done and I effectively dried out my hands from so much dishwashing, I brought over some cookies to the doodies. Doodie 1 was so funny and placed some funfetti cookies in a bag and crushed them to use as a topping on smoothies and ice cream. She's the cutest.

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