Relient K: “Be My Escape” Anniversary Lyric Video

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Man, MMHMM is ten years old. *deep breath* The feels man, the feels. The Relient K team released a lyric video to their classic, “Be My Escape,” with footage from their MMHMM 10th Anniversary tour and now I just feel old. My biggest priority in grade school was making sure I got home by 5pm so that I could watch music videos on TRL. Now listen up kiddos, when the original “Be My Escape” music video would make the top ten on TRL, nine year old me would fangirl so hard. I fangirled for Relient K when “fangirl” wasn’t even a term yet. Ah man, just leave me to my nostalgia.

PS sweet hair Matt Thiessen.
PPS Shout out to the guy at 2:06 making eye contact with the camera and holding up skittles.


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