Ron Pope: “Lick My Wounds”

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These past few days have been non-stop covering shows and don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing but it’s been so long that I’ve been able to just sit down and listen to some new music; let alone dig through my constantly growing email inbox! And I’m glad to say that today’s excursion into my New Music folder has led me to Ron Pope’s newest single, “Lick My Wounds”.

This song is so refreshing in its creative style and arrangement that it’s got me rediscovering this style of music! There’s a moment in the track where everything dies down for a short second before erupting into its addictive chorus. Which of course is followed by the always wonderful bounty of “oh oh oh’s”. “Lick My Wounds” is remarkably fresh and different. How it sounds is exactly how it feels: a brainchild of Ron Pope. Listen above and see what I mean. “Lick My Wounds” is available for pre-order starting TODAY and the official release date is August 6th!

Tour Dates:
08/10/2013 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza – SOLD OUT


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