Saturday Mornin’ Succulent Propagation

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I keep a miniature forest of succulents and cacti in my bedroom and over this past winter, some of the stem cuttings grew a bit leggy. By leggy, I mean they became etiolated (stretched out) from the lack of sunlight. They grew so tall that it became difficult to even open the window because my arms would always hit one of the stretched out stems. One time I hit one of the leggy stems and it toppled over, causing dirt to get everywhere and as a result, I was overwhelmed by the mess and could not even. Not only was the etiolation a hazard for my pristinely kept room but it's also just not in the plant's best interest for them to be so stretched out.

When a succulent is stretched out, it's a sign that it's not happy. It isn't getting the necessary amount of sunlight it needs to thrive so it's stretching out in the hopes of getting more. So this morning, it was time. I had to commence succulent propagation and make my plants happy again. That meant carefully removing leaves so that they were in tact, could grow roots, and eventually become an entirely new plant. It also meant chopping off the rosette at the top of the leggy stems and letting those dry out for a few days before replanting them back into new soil.

It was an emotional process (I'm so dramatic) cutting up my babies but I had to do it and they'll be healthier for it. Keep on scrollin' to see the succulent propagation process below.

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