Shannon Saunders: “Creatures” Video

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As a part of what JacksGap call a “new strand of content,” the Harries twins have released this acoustic performance video of “Creatures” by Shannon Saunders. For their Shed Sessions series, the filmmaking duo are exploring one of their greatest passions: music. Notably different from their usual type of YouTube content, “Creatures” sees Jack and Finn Harries delving into a more artistic approach with their videos rather than the “vlogger norm” of sitting in front of a camera. It’s a nice change and showcases the variety and skill that these brothers have for artistic endeavors.

Not only does this Shed Session show off the creative aspirations of Jack & Finn but most importantly of the performer herself, Shannon Saunders. The English musician has in the past produced more polished pop songs (as heard on her iTunes page) but in today’s post, we hear her stripped down to nothing but her crystalline voice and a guitar. As the title of the series suggest, Saunders performs acoustically while sitting in a London shed and manages to perform beautifully in a setting that would make myself claustrophobic. Her light, singsong voice is breathtaking and easily enraptures listeners into a world of vivid imagery created with Saunders’ own lyricism. The airiness in her voice is reminiscent of Daughter’s Elena Tonra while also have the same foreboding quality in her singing voice. “Creatures” is simply beautiful and if the mp3 is not enough for you, watch Shannon Saunders perform the song in the video below.


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