Shawn Mendes: “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”

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Do you have those songs that you shouldn’t listen to in the car because they hype you up too much and you inadvertently start speeding? No? Just me? No, it can’t be just me because this problem plagues both my boyfriend and I! We have this discussion all the time in which we cannot listen to particular musicians or songs because they amp us up too much. For me, Shawn Mendes’ new single, “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” does exactly that. It puts me in an incredibly pumped up mood, one where I always roll down the windows and start BELTING.

One day on the way back from dinner with my boyfriend, I had control over the music in the car and he surprised me so much when he started singing every word when I played this track. It was such a hilarious sight to see. An even better sight was when I caught a glimpse at his Spotify playlist on another day and saw our pal, Shawn’s name on there. We both stan for Shawn, clearly.

“What’s that? Is that Shawn Mendes on your playlist?”
“No, you didn’t see anything!”
*hides phone with hand*

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