Sick of Sarah @ Warped Tour 07/21/2012

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Photograph by Amber McDonald

Something cool happened during Sick of Sarah’s set at Warped Tour Uniondale this past Saturday. Something cool with the weather actually. The weather seemed to have cooled down by ten degrees during Sick of Sarah’s set. The clouds had set in and the 78 degree heat seemed to have faltered. It was almost as if Mother Nature was giving the crowd a break for SOS’s set; almost as if to give a more enjoyable experience for the crowd as Sick of Sarah played on. Less heat meant more ability to dance, head bang, bob your head. Basically any movement indicating that you were enjoying the set. Which was what every person in the crowd was doing. Whether it was teenagers or fathers with their small children on their shoulders, it was hard to resist rocking out to Sick of Sarah’s set.

Sick of Sarah have this secret to a great live performance: get progressively louder and louder. This philosophy has proven it’s legitimacy after their performance. SOS started off loud, for sure. But throughout their set, they somehow continued to get louder and louder. Ultimately ending with a bang. Literally. Their musicianship on stage mirror their stage presence, both at equally high levels. The instrumentation live is impressive. As is lead singer, Abisha Uhl’s ability to connect with a crowd. She created a dance with the crowd called the “Wiggle Dance,” exclaimed her love for the crowd, she wore their hats, she messed around with the security who wouldn’t let her crowd surf.

“Hello Good Morning” and a brand new song, “Loaded Gun” were played to perfection. Actually, each song on Sick of Sarah’s set was played to perfection. The vocals and instrumentation never faltered once through their set. A great feat in itself. The passion they feel in their music was evident in their playing. Truly an enjoyable performance from Sick of Sarah.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Abisha Uhl, Jamie Holm, and Jessica Forsythe after their show. Keep reading for their interview.

Abisha: I do fuck with them, when they can’t see me. I’ll give a little head rub. That sounds gross. Scalp massage.
Jamie & Jessica: That’s still gross.”

How has your reception been? Since you’re more rock and Warped is traditionally punk.
Jamie: I think this year has been really good so far. We’ve definitely, even in the past few shows have gained a lot of new fans. It’s kind of cool, I think being a little different is maybe a good thing because it’s a little set apart from the standard of Warped Tour.

You definitely had a really diverse crowd.
Abisha: I think it’s cool that they had us on the tour. They’re starting to introduce a lot more eclectic styled bands, different styled bands aside from just your typical punk rock. There’s a whole different style of bands here. There’s that one Irish band with the fiddle.
Jamie: There are also a lot more female musicians. We’ve seen a lot more of that. That’s really cool.

Have you seen other bands playing?
Abisha: Yeah, definitely. We try to get out there and see as many of our friends that are playing and try to see new bands that we haven’t seen.
Jamie: We saw Cherri Bomb yesterday. They were awesome.
Abisha: Yeah, Cherri Bomb was fun.
Jessica: They’re so little and young!

Are they like your little sisters?
Jamie: We haven’t really had a chance to talk to them really.
Abisha: We’ll get to know them more as the tour goes on. I mean, I wish they were my little sisters. They’d be cooler than me, that’s for sure. Like “Yeah my 14 year old sister is a lot cooler than me.” [laughs] So maybe I’m glad we’re not related so then we have something to look down to, up to.
Jamie: We’re like the red headed step child.
Abisha: They’re like “Why can’t you be more like your 14 year old sister?”

How do you think your music draws people in?
Abisha: I think we try to create good, catchy songs. You know, hooks and melodies and it’s just kinda what we do. We’re just glad that people appreciate it. It’s awesome. Thank God, right? That would suck if they didn’t like our music. We love our fans and we love the support we get.

Can you go into the process of creating a song?
Abisha: It usually just stems from a feeling, a vibe. Create some music and just see where it goes from there. We sit there and we collaborate and try to figure out where to go. We’re just like “Hey it sounds good!”
Jamie: I think one thing about is that there’s not one specific way that we write. Since we all write to some degree, it’s like everyone has ideas that they bring in. Sometimes we all write together and sometimes each of us will bring in a song that she wrote completely and we’ll add on. It just depends, it’s very different.
Abisha: Everyone brings their own flavor, you know what I mean? I wanna be the pepper. Spicy.

Does everyone have their own musical taste that somehow comes together to make the sound of the band? Or is it everyone has completely different and you work on it?
Jamie: We definitely go back and forth on stuff sometimes. [laughs] Abisha: Yeah, yeah for sure.
Jamie: “No I don’t want you to do that!”
Abisha: We try to keep it different. We don’t want to always sound the same. We don’t want it to always want to think out of the box a little bit more so we try to do that as of lately.
Jamie: And like challenge each other. It’s good to be constantly challenging each other on that sort of thing.

Do you go into an album thinking that it should go towards a certain sound or is it a natural progression over time?
Jamie: Well I think the very beginning obviously because you’re trying to feel whatever you’re writing at the time and then you have to come up with a concept of what you want it to be like, once you get something together.
Jessica: Yeah, I feel like we all come together and be like “Yeah we really like this style, we really like this band, we really like this album, or whatever” and once we agree, we try to write a song. Based on what we really like, based on a lot of different songs and put it together.

Onstage, how do you get the crowd riled up and to interact with you?
Abisha: Scream really loud. Say random shit. We get them pumped up. Go crazy, yell a lot. And sometimes it doesn’t even matter what you say, as long as you’re yelling. Tomorrow for fun, in the beginning its gonna be all gibberish and then scream.
Jamie: As long as you progressively get louder at the end.

You didn’t end with a bang! I thought you were going to fall into the crowd.
Abisha: I was almost about to crowd surf. I wanted to but you know what, security guys this year aren’t that friendly. Last year I would give them my microphone and they would take it and put it on the stage for me. I tried to hand it to them at least two or three times when I get downstage so I can run back on and they just look at me. It’s not that big of a deal. One guy wouldn’t even help me back on stage. I was like really?

You haven’t been able to do anything fun yet?
Abisha: No not yet, not until I get a reliable dude, security guy that will be able to help me over.
Jamie: You do get the opportunity when they’re watching the crowd to fuck with them.
Abisha: Oh yeah, I do fuck with them, when they can’t see me. I’ll give a little head rub. That sounds gross. Scalp massage [laughs].
Jamie & Jessica: That’s still gross.

Do you have any fun warped stories?
Abisha: They have this BBQ tonight and I’m about to eat the shit out of some ribs and chicken.

Sick of Sarah is Abisha Uhl, Katie Murphy, Jessie Farmer, Jamie Holm, Jessica Forsythe.


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