Sisterland: “Certain Taste” & “Between Us” Video

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Sisterland have got what all indie pop music lovers love. “Certain Taste” from the beginning is incredibly catchy. It’s driving guitars and constantly pounding percussion never falter throughout the track. The vocals, though a bit muffled and hard to understand, have got that “indie touch,” making the track seem like complete fun to hear live. The high energy chorus belts through and catches your attention. While the lyrical depth is not there, “Certain Taste” is nevertheless a straight up, enjoyable pop song. Sisterland are a bit reminiscent of the Smith Westerns with their attention grabbing choruses and the fun carefree demeanor in their songs. They continue this style with “Between Us.” They also continue with impressive guitar work in the second track.

“Certain Taste / Between Us” was released by Blessing Force and can be bought via their BandCamp.


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