SKATERS: “Rock and Roll Bye Bye”

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“Endless amusement” is the phrase that best describes my relationship with SKATERS. And by the word “relationship,” I mean my admiration of the band from afar and by “afar,” I mean from some sort of device with internet. We’re not very close, though I do believe I walked past the band in the SoHo Bloomingdale’s sometime in early 2014. (I think I bought a wallet that day.) However, that missed connection gives me the belief that in another life, we would’ve been close friends that are you know, sometimes within close proximity. Why do I believe that we’d be close friends? Because the band’s presence online constantly makes me laugh so I just think we’d mesh so well. You feel me?

SKATERS has been releasing new music left and right and I’ve just been so out of the loop that I missed it all. In order to get a crash course on the band’s happenings from the past few months, I did what I always do and looked at all their socials. I found myself on their Facebook About page and laughed so hard at what was written. “dickface mubblebump, the sultan of yahweh, troublesome loner boy” is listed as their band members and there’s just no adding to that. I’ve always known that this band was funny but I just needed a bit of a reminder of how much so.

And if this self-proclaimed similarity in humor isn’t enough to solidify our friendship, then perhaps the truest indicator of friendship will sway you: french fries. Yes, I said it. SKATERS’ music video for “Rock and Roll Bye Bye” closes with its members eating french fries and with that, I knew it in my heart that we are kindred spirits who all appreciate the world’s greatest food. What a great friendship this could be.

Gibberish aside, I am extremely happy to see the band continuing to make and release music. I have so much to catch up on but that’s an upside for me because I have so much SKATERS music to catch up on. They’ve been rather busy since they left Warner Bros. with creating new music, touring, and generally funny tweets. “Rock and Roll Bye Bye” continues to embody the captivating presence of SKATERS that I first experienced in 2013 at Bowery Ballroom. They just have that special quality to them that will always hold my attention. I can’t stop listening to “Rock and Roll Bye Bye” and when you listen to it, you’ll understand why.


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