Ski Lodge: “Does It Bring You Down” Video

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Why yes, it does bring me down indeed Ski Lodge. Why am I feeling so down in the dumps you ask? Well I had a really sad morning of reading anti-vaccination articles and it deeply upsets me that certain issues are still being debated despite living in a society of such great advancements brought to us only by modern science. I’m sad. I’m so sad. And there are still so many things that need to be addressed like gun control and women’s rights and the fact that Charlize Theron is allowed to speak at all.

And so yeah, sometimes I get sad about the world and this song by Ski Lodge kind of perfectly sums up my sad feels. “Does It Bring You Down” comes off of Ski Lodge’s amazing Big Heart album which I personally love. Andrew Marr has a really keen sense for poignant lyricism that has the ability to hit close to home, half-heartedly lifted up by his songs’ upbeat demeanor.

But any bubbly, positive tones you may hear on Big Heart will be quickly diminished once you get past the bullshit exterior and delve into the gritty, emotionally wrought lyrics. *sigh* Which when you think about it, is just another metaphor for the sad world we live in. And there concludes my final thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this edition of When The World Makes Me Sad, I Try To Make You Sad Too. And if this post has put you into a dismal spiral of bleak emotions, may I suggest my own coping mechanism: looking at cute baby gifs.


Ski Lodge is Andrew Marr, Jared O’Connell, John Barinaga, Tim McCoy.


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