Sleeper Agent @ Bowery Ballroom 01/30/2014

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“Are you keeping warm? If we dance, we can keep warm right?” stated Sleeper Agent’s Alex Kandel at a sold-out Bowery Ballroom on Thursday night while opening for New Politics. The polar vortex was nonexistent for fans who had been queuing up outside Bowery since 3pm (dedication at its finest). Bowery’s stage was packed with Sleeper Agent’s six person ensemble with each person jamming as hard as the fans in the audience.

During “Waves,” Sleeper Agent’s newest single, parents with arms of steel could be seen throwing their kids in the air to get a better glimpse of the party happening onstage. “New York City’s up all night,” sang Kandel and from the rate of the dancing going on in Bowery Ballroom during their set, the lyric couldn’t be more fitting. Vocals so unrelenting to make you question the lung strength of Sleeper Agent’s vocalists, their harmonies couldn’t sound any more on point. Though they only performed for a half hour, it was a lively set packed with tireless dancing and crowd interaction. We all know “Get Burned” sounds great on record but there’s nothing better than hearing it live with fans to help sing “On and on” with the band.

Sleeper Agent is Alex Kandel, Tony Smith, Justin Wilson, Lee Williams, Scott Gardner, Josh Martin.


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