Stepdad @ Warped Tour 07/21/2012

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Definitely not in the norm in terms of Warped Tour’s typical acts, Stepdad was still able to win over a huge crowd during their set at Warped Tour Uniondale with their indomitable pop sounds and synths. While screamo bands were screaming at one end of the venue, slick pop tunes were radiating off of the House of Marley stage at 2:10 pm this past Saturday. People walking buy would stop in front of the stage, obviously on their way to another set. They would listen to Stepdad for a few minutes and then forget wherever they were heading to because they were entranced with Stepdad. However it was hard not to be pulled in by Stepdad’s performance. All they have to do to win over a crowd is play their music. No messing around needed. No crowd surfing necessary. Simply playing their music was good enough. No not simply good, but amazing.

True musical passion for their music and performing could be felt from each member of Stepdad. It was evident that Jeremy Malvin was putting in his full effort into the set. Alex Fives could be seen singing along to his own songs, eyes closed despite not having a microphone. Nathan Klages dancing around with absolute zeal. Ryan McCarthy and Ultramark both singing in harmony and with such strong vocals. With each member playing to their fullest ability, how could the crowd not fall in love with Stepdad?

People had their arms over one another, swaying to the tantalizing songs. Screaming, clapping, dancing, the crowd was simply in love with Stepdad. During their performance of “Pick & Choose,” the world seemed to have acted in unison. As Jeremy beat his drum sticks in the air, the crowd clapped along to the same rhythm, and Ultramark and Ryan sang together, it was almost like musical nirvana. Everything was played so right and with such a timing that it was absolutely moving. Stepdad are a pleasure to see live. Check them out.

Stepdad is Ultramark, Ryan McCarthy, Alex Fives, Jeremy Malvin, Nathan Klages.


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