Succulent Structure

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As winter approaches, I induce a state of dormancy on my succulents by lowering the amount of water they receive. During the growing season, I'll water my plants every two weeks but from November to February, that reduces to just once a month. My succulents get less water during the winter because there's less sunlight, so giving them less water will keep them healthier in the long run. Since my plants are mostly indoor plants year round, I don't want them getting too leggy and etiolated so I have to be careful about watering them in the winter.Β 

During their December watering, I was also in the midst of taking my finals for the semester. I took the monthly watering as an opportunity to de-stress from school. I pruned each of my many succulent propagations for dead leaves. Cleaning away dead leaves is really important because bugs are attracted to the dead matter. I also put top soil (aquarium rocks from Petsmart) on top of my baby echeveria to help keep their roots in place. As they grow bigger, they become so top heavy from their water-filled leaves that sometimes, the rosettes fall out of their pots. Hopefully, the top soil will help to keep my plants happy.

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