Summer of Change

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Insert some cheesy saying about how change is good for the soul, because chances are likely that it is. This summer was one of pretty significant change for me, personally. After a myriad of circumstances, I’ve finally come to terms that medicine is not the perfect fit for my future. With my background in the hard sciences, my interest and passion for science will remain with me despite whatever career I choose to partake in. It’s just that I will not be the person making the diagnoses. The hospital setting and the politics of it all was really overwhelming after having spent a lot of my summer in one.

So I spent a lot of time conversing with myself and with others, trying to figure out what I could do as a possible career choice and ultimately, I just laughed. I had spent so much of my life thinking that medicine was the only option, despite all of my other interests and hobbies. I was dead set on becoming a pediatrician. That was the end game and I would not be fulfilled and happy until I achieved that goal. And in the mean time, I was pursuing all these creative endeavors and going out of my way to be able to do something that had nothing to do with science. I pursued a degree in chemistry just because I was good at it and it came easily to me, and it was kind of sad that it took me years to realize that it didn’t interest me as much as it did five years ago in high school. This summer really became about me becoming comfortable with myself and my newfound – but unsurprising – realizations. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone in different facets of my life and I hope it helps me to become a person that is more confident and self-aware.

Along the way, as I was discovering my truest self, I was also experimenting with my own personal style. In addition to internal realizations, many of the changes that went on this summer with me were also external. I played around with new hobbies, different clothing I would have previously never touched, and redesigned my living space. In terms of fashion, each week I was trying new jewelry that I wouldn’t have given a second glance at in a store (mostly because they tended to be higher end brands), and I was able to do so with Rocksbox. With their service, I could try a set of jewelry one week and have a completely different set the next. All I had to do was stick it in my mailbox with their pre-paid shipping label.

It was the easiest way to figure out the kind of jewelry that fit my personal aesthetic. I was never a jewelry person because to me, it was a hassle. It was too much mental work for me to pick out what piece went with what outfit and too much physical work to attach pieces together like necklaces (as dumb as that sounds). At some point this summer, after buying a lot of minimalist jewelry, it started to become natural to me to pick out what pieces complimented each other as well as my outfit for the day. Rocksbox really helped with that because each week, I got to play with new bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces chosen for me by a stylist and then determine what I liked and didn’t like. If you’re trying to hone in on your own personal style (or just really enjoy jewelry), you can try out Rocksbox for a month, completely free when you use the code “hopelessthunderxoxo” – which you can also cancel at any time. And if you fall in love with a piece and want to buy it, it’s 10% off! 💍💍💍

I wish you the best on your journey of constant change.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Rocksbox.

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