Surfer Blood @ Bowery Ballroom 10/06/2013

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“Two words: Incredibly disappointing.”It’s a good thing I love Surfer Blood because the waiting period between each act on Sunday night was ridiculous. It was at least 20 minutes between each opener but in the end, it all made sense because Surfer Blood’s set ended at 11:58, two minutes before singer JP’s birthday. At which point JP’s “very rich” uncle came on stage to describe Surfer Blood’s set as “incredibly disappointing.” But all was well when JP was forced onstage to endure a crowd sourced rendition of “Happy Birthday,” which he took in with much begrudging gratitude. I went this show as a fan and left feeling sated, despite not being able to hear much vocals. The new tracks off of Pythons sounded as great as the classics. ’twas overall a grand night. Check out the giant gallery below from Surfer Blood’s performance at Bowery Ballroom!

Surfer Blood is John Paul Pitts, Tyler Schwarz, Tom Fekete, Kevin Williams, Buster The Shark.


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