Surfer Blood @ Terminal 5 05/03/2013

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The universal sign, at least in American suburbia (I don’t know, I didn’t do that much research. I think I saw it on Blues Clues once), for a party is to tie a balloon to your mailbox. It’s an effortless and easily recognizable sign to let one’s guests know where the party is. It’s a reassuring indicator that lets people know they’re at the right place for a great time, and that’s exactly what Surfer Blood’s Buster the Shark balloon was last night at Terminal 5. This shark shaped balloon —continuing their aquatic theme— was the tell tale sign that the oncoming set from West Palm Beach’s Surfer Blood was going to be great. And sure enough, this band did not disappoint. The second they came on stage, there was nothing but amazing melodies, guitar bends, and the signature sound of Surfer Blood.

“We are Surfer Blood.”

And if the freakish way that Surfer Blood sound as good live as they do on recordings or the Buster the Shark balloon was somehow not a blatant enough indicator of who was playing, lead vocalist John Paul Pitts was kind enough to remind us in between every song that “We are Surfer Blood”. When Surfer Blood perform, it feels as if they’re letting us in on their little secret: that what we’re seeing is something precious and little is known about it to the outside world. Throughout their set, smiles were abundant on every member’s face. After singing to the crowd in the photo pit, the remaining members on stage had nothing but warm smiles for their front man, John Paul Pitts, as he crawled back on stage. As they opened with “Floating Vibes”, the crowd overcame the venue with an uproar and Surfer Blood overcame the venue with their addicting alternative sound. Their set was a mixture of past favorites and a few songs from their soon to be released album, Pythons. And the amazing part of the night was that every new song was greeted like an old favorite. “Demon Dance” went over especially well with the crowd bouncing along with the band. A Surfer Blood show is nothing short of entertaining. It’s loud and fun. It makes you take double takes to make sure that they’re actually playing instruments because their raw sound is so absolutely pristine.

So for the future, when you see a shark shaped balloon, know that the rocking force that is Surfer Blood is on it’s way and it will completely wipe you out.

Pythons, is due out on June 11, 2013 via Warner Bros Records.

Surfer Blood is John Paul Pitts, Tyler Schwarz, Tom Fekete, Kevin Williams, Buster The Shark.

Set List:
01. “Floating Vibes”
02. “Twin Peaks”
03. “Say Yes”
04. “Demon Dance”
05. “Miranda”
06. “Voyager Reprise”
07. “Take It Easy”
08. “Slow Six”
09. “Weird Shapes”
10. “Swim”
11. “Anchorage”


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