Taylor Berrett: “Broken”

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Taylor, we need to talk. I went through so many tabs trying to find a version of this song that I could embed into this post. I know that maybe it’s not your decision and possibly your label doesn’t want your songs shared because your album, Great Falls, just dropped but c’mon. Do you get what I’m getting at here? Accessible music = happy listeners. It is a good thing that I know how to code because how else would I have been able to get past those walls you’ve built up? It’s just not healthy.

“I won’t pretend like I know all about you, but I can pretend like I know myself.
You’ve got the same homeless heart that I do, but you wear it well.”

Okay, so that above was sarcasm but in all seriousness, Taylor Berrett’s debut album though. It is da bomb dot com and “Broken” is definitely one of my favorite tracks. This song is the exemplar of Berrett’s grandiose lyricism and it has the ability to really resonate in you as a listener. It exhibits a powerful and emotive quality to it that is reminiscent of James Morrison’s work. And while it is one of my personal stand outs from Great Falls, it is among some pretty heavy hitters. One listen above is all you need to get hooked.


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