The Avett Brothers: “Another Is Waiting”

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We’ve got a double whammy of news from the Avett Brothers! They’ve announced a new album, Magpie and the Dandelion, due out on October 15 AND they’ve also released a new single, “Another Is Waiting”. For some reason, the wait between albums from my favorite banjo strumming band seems to feel like an eternity so ignore my blatant excitement that the brothers are already following up last year’s fantastic The Carpenter. And from hearing their newest single, I’m confident that this new album will be amazing. “Another Is Waiting” comes in at a short two-minute track but it definitely packs a punch. It’s a concise track and there’s just no fooling around on the Brothers’ part. It’s a solid single that perfectly sets fans up for what’s in store from the band. Listen for yourself above via NPR’s annoying ass pop-up window music player.

And while we’re on the topic, I’ve been meaning to post this video of the Avett Brothers performing at Newport Folk Festival for a while now. Watch them perform fan favorite “I And Love And You” to a crowd eager to sing along. Also, Scott Avett looks great.


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