The Griswolds @ The Paramount 11/25/2015

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Sydney, Australia’s The Griswolds played The Paramount in Huntington, New York last night and were greeted with fervent cheers and accolades. Their cheery choruses and smiles onstage had the audience bouncing and cheering in return. “If You Wanna Stay” proved to be a crowd favorite as was evident by the countless faces singing the lyrics back at the band. But as much as these Long Islanders loved “If You Wanna Stay,” they may have loved The Griswolds’ cover of “Riptide” by Vance Joy a bit more.

The energy in the venue slowed down momentarily for “Mississippi” but picked right up once “Beware The Dog” off the band’s debut album, Be Impressive, started playing. Lead singer and guitarist, Christopher Whitehall, chugged a beer, crushed the can, and told the audience to sing with the band all while the audience cheered him along. During the song, the lights in the venue flashed on and off and in the moments when the entire Paramount was lit, one could see the audience going as “crazy, crazy, crazy” as the song’s lyrics suggest.

Hey guys, don’t be a stranger to Long Island.


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