The Heavy @ Webster Hall 06/12/2013

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The Heavy
Webster Hall, NYC
Wednesday 06/12/2013

Set List:
01. Can’t Play Dead
02. What You Want Me To Do?
03. Sixteen
04. Cause For Alarm
05. Short Change
06. Curse Me Good
07. The Big Bad Wolf
08. What Makes A Good Man?
09. Same Ol’
10. Lesson Learned
11. Don’t Say Nothing
12. Blood Dirt Love Stop
13. Just My Luck
14. Girl
15. Coleen
16. Bruckpocket’s Lament
17. How You Like Me Now
18. Oh No! Not You Again!
There must be something in the tea everyone’s drinking because there seems to be a pattern of British acts playing nearly three-hour sets lately. Last Saturday Paul McCartney did such a thing at his Barclays Center show in Brooklyn. And on Wednesday night at Manhattan’s Webster Hall UK act by way of Bath, The Heavy, played an 18 song set that rocked the audience of both young and old fans. Their guitar-heavy blend of neo soul, blues, and rock even had the suits in the balcony cheering—which is when you really know you’re doing a good job. Lead singer Swaby’s stage presence was just electric throughout their two and a half hours on stage. Whether it was a slower funk number like “Cause For Alarm” or energetic spoken word rap of “Girl”, Swaby was merciless in his vocal delivery.

Before the show started, fans were buzzing with excitement over the UK band. The Heavy brought together a diverse crowd of older generation rockers who looked like they were around for Beatlemania, moms who looked like they were there by themselves, a guy dressed like the Blues Brothers (sunglasses and all), teenagers, and men in business suits. All of these people, despite the plain age differences, were brought together this one night for their love of the Heavy. Many were singing songs from the Heavy’s catalog while waiting for them to come on stage and the magic that occurred when those same songs were being sung by their creators was truly something to experience in person.

The famed “How You Like Me Now” was introduced to ear-piercing cheers from the audience. It had everyone jumping and dancing, waving their arms along with Swaby, and those in the front row who were close enough to bump fists with the lead singer. The Heavy surged through their set with a paramount sense of urgency. There was never to be a dull moment from the second they stepped on stage and there wasn’t. Their musicianship and cohesiveness as a band was on point throughout their entire set. It seemed like the Heavy had everlasting amounts of energy in them from start to finish. Whatever they’re drinking, let’s hope they never stop.

The Heavy is Chris Ellul, Spencer Page, Kelvin Swaby, Daniel Taylor.


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