The Skins @ Webster Hall 06/12/2013

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The Skins
Webster Hall, NYC
Wednesday 06/12/2013

Set List:
01. Killer
02. Mercy
03. Surf
04. Get Some
05. Pump Up
06. Dead Hands
07. Maybe
08. Going Down
09. Out of Body
10. Ocean
11. Summertime
The second The Skins took to the stage last night at Webster Hall the energy that was emanating from them commanded full attention of the entire room. This Brooklyn band comprised of three siblings and two friends opened for The Heavy but performed like they were the headlining act. Each member of the Skins shines in their own respective right—and each showed it last night—but when this five-some is combined, they simply become a powerhouse act. Singer Bayli Mckeithan’s vocals are utterly captivating in its sheer power and clarity. As she danced around the stage her voice was unrelenting, perfect for the rock music this band produces. As dominating as her singing voice is, it became a jack of all trades last night when she performed an acoustic set of “Maybe” with guitarist Russell Chell. Alone on stage, these two performed the jazzy number that seemed to have the intent of putting the audience in an attention grabbing haze. The song, performed half-way through their set, was a nice change of pace but showcasing the band’s versatility was an even smarter move.

As omnipotent as Bayli can be, she’s able to step back and let the rest of the Skins show off what they do best: true rock music. The guitar licks and solos of dueling guitarists Daisy Spencer and Russell Chell were mind-bendingly impressive. And when they finished without any errors, these two would walk away with a smile on their face full of sublime and satisfaction. “Who are you to judge my life, I’m just working with what I got” sang Bayli Mckeithan on set highlight, “Going Down”, and with that one lyric, the Skins simply exploded. Owing nothing to anyone, they played their hearts out and put the entire audience into a musical ecstasy. They walked on the stage to cheers and left the same way.

The Skins is Bayli Mckeithan, Kaya Mckeithan, Reef Mckeithan, Daisy Spencer, Russell Chell.


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