The Song That Changed My Life: Adam Swink (Our Vintage Film)

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Our Vintage Film’s vocalist, Adam Swink, took some time out to share about emotional realness, the loss of friendship, and the song that changed his life: “The Mixed Tape.”

“The Mixed Tape” by Jack’s Mannequin essentially converted me to the pop punk/alternative music and the style of music I play with Our Vintage Film today. Six years ago I was a freshmen in high school when a friend gave me a real mix tape of her favorite songs. The song “The Mixed Tape” was featured on it and I was really captivated by his organic story telling lyric style. When I say organic, I mean he writes it in a way that has an emotional “realness.” I actually disliked it at first because I was heavily into Hip-Hop at the time, but I gave the CD a second chance because the friend who had given the CD to me de-friended me. I was devastated because she was my best friend and I felt the only way of getting over it was to listen to music and then write about my loss. With out “The Mixed Tape” or Jack’s Mannequin, I don’t know if I would have been as inspired to write as I do today.

Image Credit: Marty McKay

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