Tidal Wars: “Veils” & “Earning”

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Do you remember that age when all you wanted to do was lock yourself in your room, blast music, and block out reality? You know what I’m talking about, we all went through it. And when your friends would ask you who you were listening to, you would name a relatively obscure band because you were above that mainstream shit, effectively showing that you were better everyone. Oh wait, that time is still happening. How ya doing, hipsters?

“Veils” by Tidal Wars brings me back to that time. Maybe it’s their menacing tone, monotone vocals, or the looming “oohs” throughout the song. I’m probably being a bit over dramatic. I don’t really want to lock myself in a room but “Veils” has that sort of effect. An overpowering, overwhelming atmosphere comes about from this song. Except the difference in knowing about Tidal Wars right now, a (subjectively speaking) relatively obscure band, does not make you better than everyone else. It just means that you were one of the first to listen to the great music Tidal Wars are creating. Their ability to create a beautifully composed, understated song with equally beautiful instrumentals is uncanny. “Veils” proves that you don’t have to have wailing guitars and ear deafening drums to make a good song. The unnerving subtlety of Tidal Wars’ drums and guitar work together to make an alluring track for all listeners.

The second track to their double A-side, “Earning,” continues with the band’s signature melancholic goth sound. The instrumentals are again beautiful, just like the last track. Just by listening to “Earning,” I can feel that this song in a live setting would be make for a killer show. Tidal Wars have truly debuted on a high note. I have no doubt that they’ll be staying on that high note for a while.

Tidal Wars is Joseph Gauci, Will Hooper, Jake Williams and Jack Snelling.

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