Time Warp in Greenport

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I love visiting Greenport. Every time I visit, it's like going back in time to the 1950s. From the signs, to the architecture, to the general vibe out there, it's nothing like my life in the suburbs. We visited in March when most places were closed for the season but it was so nice to be out there without all the preppy douchebags that flock out there in the summer with their Polo shirts and Sperry shoes. My head hurt less this time because I wasn't in a constant state of eye rolling. The streets were empty except for a few locals and it was absolutely lovely.

To escape the cold for a bit, we took refuge in Burton's Book Store where I happily rummaged through their classics. I bought myself a hard copy of Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part‑Time Indian. I was really excited to find a hard copy of the book because I had last read it using a digital copy for my Young Adult Literature class years ago. (Speaking of Sherman Alexie, I'm so excited for his book coming out this summer.) And speaking of books! The teenage cashier in the bookstore ripped my book while placing a bookmark inside. WHO DOES THAT! You had one job! I tried my best to not say out loud, "What the actual fuck?!" but c'mon. Accidents happen but also, howwww do you rip a book?! Homeboy is lucky I love Sherman Alexie's work enough to not care.

All in all, it was a lovely day in Greenport. I visit once or twice each year and this was my first time visiting in an off-season. As a person who does not enjoy being around people for extended periods of time, this was the best experience.

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