Tristan Prettyman @ The Paramount 07/27/2012

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With no announcement at all, Tristan Prettyman took the stage at The Paramount on Long Island, New York and once she started to sing, the crowd had gone silent. Alone on the stage with nothing but a guitar and various lamps of all shapes and sizes surrounding her, her presence took over the room. It was amazing how just one lone person could have such an effect on so many people. With her airy sing-song vocals and her light movements on her guitar, the crowd was entranced. People turned towards the stage to look at the songstress that was encapsulating everyone’s attention.

Before Prettyman began to play “Save Me,” she told a story about how her fears of losing her voice. This caused an audible gasp from the crowd. This possibility is a scary one but the thought quickly vanished from the room when Tristan started to sing again. The emotions that had come with the gasp, the fear, the surprise, the uneasiness all turned into awe, wonder, and affection. With her eyes closed, it felt like we were getting a glimpse into the mind of Tristan Prettyman. Into her world, a world of lost love, fears, and late realizations.

In between songs, Tristan would tell stories. Stories that stunned and brought laughter to the crowd. Every word, spoken and sung, that came out of Tristan’s mouth caught the crowd’s attention and kept it on her. All throughout her performance, Tristan Prettyman sung and played beautifully. With just her guitar, she sounded as prefect as she sounds on her records. As quietly as she approached the stage to begin, she left the stage in the same way. Yet the difference was that the crowd had been left mesmerized.

“I’m from San Diego. What do you mean?”

Set List:
“My Oh My”
“I Was Gonna Marry You”
“Never Say Never”
“The Rebound”
“Simple As It Should Be”


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