Troye Sivan: “Happy Little Pill”

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YouTuber Troye Sivan announced his debut album at this summer’s VidCon to much excitement. From fellow YouTubers to fans around the world, this news was followed by tons of support and it has already topped iTunes pre-order charts in multiple countries like Sivan’s native Australia, the US and Canada. Sivan announced via Tumblr that “Happy Little Pill” is his “first ever single” and it is definitely not what I expected.

The track comes off with a very mature understanding of life and the dark pitfalls that people can fall into, things I would never expect a 19-year-old to have already grappled with so early on in his life. Singing about “glazed eyes” and “cocaine dollar bills” amidst electronic beats, we get a look into the somber bits of Troye Sivan’s personal experiences delivered in a way that never loses the listener’s attention. Taking such a dark subject matter and transforming it into something so languid and starkly beautiful is really commendable for this young bounty of talent.

TRXYE comes out August 15 and I’m very excited to hear the rest.


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