Troye Sivan: “WILD” ft. Alessia Cara

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With everything that Troye Sivan does, whether it’s music or YouTube videos, it’s clear that there’s a distinct style to the content he produces and I really admire that. Across all his endeavors, there continues to remain a cohesive branding that is undoubtably the work of Troye Sivan. Like when I see his album artwork and then the artwork for his separate singles, the similarities and consistencies are unmistakable. I like seeing that in a person’s work because you can tell that there’s a conscious effort in the branding and marketing while also exhibiting their own personal creative style.

Your “personal brand” nowadays is v important and it needs to be carefully cultivated to how you want to come off while also mirroring your work. I think Troye and his team have done a great job on that with creating and maintaining his distinctive style to create a consistency amongst all of his work. It’s that attention to detail across all mediums that I admire. It’s something I pay a lot of attention to in my day-to-day work so I’m hyperaware of it everywhere else now. So when I see someone taking that extra step to do all that, it makes my connection to the person even stronger. I see that they care, so I care more too.

Now back to the music video for “WILD,” I love it. The cinematography in the video is absolutely stunning and I like that it takes a vintage approach with Troye’s usage of an old video camera. The footage from the vintage device creates for a fuzzy look and adds to the romantic feel of the video and song. The song itself is among my favorites off of Troye’s Blue Neighbourhood album and the newly added Alessia Cara verse elevates the song entirely. Her voice is so smooth and it flows effortlessly with Troye’s to make a serene alt-pop masterpiece. It’s also a song that touches on a subject matter that so many can relate to. “WILD” is about a strong feeling of love between two people and those kinds of connections are both amazing and crazy–in a good way! Driving someone mad out of love is something we all need a bit of sometimes.

“You make my heart shake
Bend and break
But I can’t turn away
And it’s driving me wild
You’re driving me wild”

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