I’ll be using pictures of Avril Lavinge. You can get them here and here

Step 1
Open up the pictures and open up a new image. Make the size 1000×600 and the background color white. First what I like to do is using the dropper tool pick a color from the pictures and use that color as the background color on the layout. Mine will be a pinkish color.

Step 2
Now make a new image the same size as the layout as the work space. Now take the first Avril picture and copy it by pressing CTRL-C and paste it on the blank picture. Move it around so there’s enough room for the other picture. Now with the picture of Avril that is sitting, you can see that the left side has more white. So what I’m going to do it flip it horizontally using this button.

Step 3
Now that it is flipped, take the lasso tool for the selection and make a selection around all of the Avril except for some of the right side.

Step 4
Now copy the selection and paste it onto thw work space with the other Avril picture already on it. Move it around until it looks like it’s in the right spot. [screen shot]
Mine looks alittle scrunched up but that’s because it’s not zoomed in all the way.

Step 5
Now take the blur tool and blur away some of the parts of the picture so it looks blended. Don’t just blur in a straight line because it can be noticeable. Do it a little messy so it all blends in.

Step 6
When it’s done being blurred, make a selection around it and copy it. But not the whole thing, just the Avril part if that makes any sense. [screen shot]

Step 7
Now paste it onto the layout picture with the colored background and position it where you want it to be. [screen shot] Don’t worry it’s just zoomed out.

Now deselect it and make another selection but this is for the white space that is going to be under the Avril header. [screen shot]

Step 8
Now fill that selection with white or any other color. Now if you are worried your white space doesn’t line up with the header, just undo it and zoom in and then make the selection and refill it. [screen shot]

Step 9
Now you can add brushes, effects, text, or whatever you want to it.

My Result