Step 1
Save the following:
Background: Background
Pictures: Taylor 1, Taylor 2,
Taylor 3, Taylor 4

Step 2
Open up everything in PhotoFiltre. On the image named b2, copy it and go to the image named b1. Then go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Assemble >> Right. It should now look like this:

Step 3
Then go to Filter >> Frame >> Simple Frame and make the settings: Width: 10, Color: White, and Opacity: 100%.

Step 4
Press the Saturation (+) button and then the Contrast (+) button so that it now looks like this:

Step 5
Copy the picture and paste it onto the background. Don’t move it around!

Step 6
On the picture of Taylor named b3, go to Image >> Rotate >> Free Rotate and rotate it -15 degrees. Then sharpen the image.

Step 7
Now with the image rotated, using the Selection tool on the Polygon setting, select all around Taylor. Then paste onto your layout image like mine.

Step 8
Back on the image named b3, go to Image >> Image Size and resize the width to 225 pixels. Select around it again and this time, before you paste, make it grayscale.

Step 9
Do the same with the image named b4 but on the other side of the two picture blend. But when you rotate b4, make it positive 15 degrees.

Step 10
Now go back to the original two picture blend and re-copy and paste it on top of the layout picture so that it should look like this:

Step 11
Add effects and text and you’re done!

Final Result